Monday, October 22, 2007

Friends + Races = Timeless Moments

I'm back from the San Diego 100! I've been sick lately, so I ended up taking the 50-mile finish option and save my strength for another 100 mile race (Javelina Jundred) this coming weekend. This has been a year of triumphs and dissapointments for me, so Javelina provides me with another opportunity to finish off my ultramarathon season with a big finish. I'm just trying to run this race with discipline and focus, to run with a consistency of effort that will keep me moving well all the way to the end. The finish will take care of itself. One of the highlights of the race in San Diego was the opportunity to share the experience with my friend, Trish. Uncle Andy was going solo as my crew in San Diego, so Trish volunteered to come out and help. I think she really enjoyed the opportunity to see what many ultramarathoners go through with the ups and downs. I think the hardest thing for any runner who is pushing their limits (no matter what they are) is to manage the emotional roller coaster. It's hard to quantify the emotions and physical difficulties the roller coaster elicits unless you see it person. Having Trish there in person to see it and appreciate it was great. Being able to share you passions with others in a meanful way are moments worth remembering, and having friends to share them with is priceless.

Let me put in another plug to all you runners out there to check out the Runner's World discussion board ( Sometimes the hardest thing for me is feeling like I'm on my own planet, not necessarily surrounded by other runners who have the same goals. A lot of you are starting 5ks all the way up to 100 mile ultramarathons. Regardless of your distance, sometimes having a forum of like-minded people to bounce things off of is a great thing. I know for me, it's been invaluable in the way of just getting information as well as inspiration. You get a wide range of people with a wide range of goals, from finishing the race to trying to win the race. No matter what, you always seem to get treated with respect no matter what the question.

I am always truly blessed to be alive. I'm praying for those affected by the Southern California wildfires, which affect the victims and all of us who love and play in the outdoors. Getting ready to race next weekend, which will be a treat. Stay strong and keep movin'.

God bless,