Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Marathon Fun in San Diego

Hello again from San Francisco,
It's been nice weather up here in the Bay Area. So, I spent the last weekend in San Diego at the Rock N' Roll Marathon. Uncle Jose and I went to spend some time hanging out with the Injinji crew and getting a solid training run in for preparation for Western States and Badwater.So, as is our custom, we traveled through Friday night to arrive in San Diego early Saturday morning. We decided to go straight to the expo and met up with the Injinji folks. Again, Joaquin and Randuz and the rest of the Injinji family treated us superbly. My uncle and I decided to help out at the booth, helping market the toe socks to fellow expo-goers. Having first hand experience with the socks, I could honestly convey the benefits of the socks to my running. I was also blessed that Injinji will be making a generous donation to my fundraising with World Harvest Mission, which definitely felt good. It always is great when the people who sponsor you help take the things that mean the most to you to the next level. Thank you, Injinji for the support in all ways. As for the race, it was an easy going, relaxed 3:22. I felt quite at ease running at that pace, balacing the needed for a good, harder training run for Western and keeping myself healthy overall. I even took the opportunity to help pace a couple people I saw struggling on the run for a little bit. The ride home gave us a great opportunity to have a quick dinner with some friends and get home in time to go to work on Monday. Monday, monday.....so bad to be back. Going to the sierras for a training run on Saturday in preparation for Western, so hopefully that goes well. My legs feel great and the patella tendonitis is definitely subsiding. As long as it doesn't come back strong, I'll be very happy.

Take care, stay strong, and keep movin’.

God bless. Gundy

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