Friday, January 2, 2009

2009: New Year and New Challenges

Hello, 2009!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s a new year. I’m pretty excited going in to this year considering how 2008 ended. I’ve been giving my body a chance to recoup while spending time both in the gym and out on the trail. I did a 50k at Rodeo Beach at about 70% at the end of December as a training run to get myself jump started for training for 09’. Overall, I’m primed and ready to go. I set a few goals/resolutions for 09’ which include the following:

1) Raise $18,000 for development programs with WHM in Uganda
2) Run sub-30 hours at Badwater (if accepted)
3) Get weight down to 169 lb. by the Napa Marathon and maintain that weight
4) Run sub-2:50 marathon by the end of 09’
5) Run sub-18 hours 100 miler
6) Finish top 5 at a 100 miler

Some of them are probably easier than others, but I’m not afraid to put it out there and let it ride. I’m not afraid to fail and realize success is never guaranteed. However, considering what a good ending to 08’ with Mother Road 100 and CIM, I feel really good going into 09’. I hope to go out there and exceed my expectations for myself. I’m trying to stay away from the “A” goal, “B” goal and “C” goal stuff, because I find that for me, if I get too caught up in it I sometimes settle for less than I should. I know the “top x” goals are more dependent on who’s running and how they’re running, but since I hate to nail in on an exact time right now, they correspond to about the goal times I’m looking at. Placing is one of those things takes care of itself as long as I take care of the running part. While I’d love to far exceed those goals and I train with targets beyond those goals, they represent excellent physical, mental and spiritual tests. Of course, the most important goal is always listed at #1. Here’s to all of us going far beyond our expectations in all the areas of our life in 2009 and to the people and things that God has placed in our lives to help us get there.

God bless,


Glorybelle said...

You said, "I’m not afraid to fail and realize success is never guaranteed."

That struck a chord with me, Gundy. I think I'm so afraid of failing and that's what's holding me back from doing the best I can with what I've got. I need to let go and not worry so much about the outcome. Right? Be prepared, be strong, do what I can do, but hand the rest of it over to God. I seem to have forgotten that last step. :(

I know you pray... so please say a prayer for me that I remember that God is always in control... not me! Thanks!

Jamie Donaldson said...

Hi Jonathan,

I love your '09 goals! I think they are all more than realistic for you! Are you ready to rock at Rocky? Can't wait to see you again! You were a big inspiration for me doing BW and I think you (and your crew) are amazing! See you soon!

AnthonyP said...

I think those goals are great. Maybe Gaston will be nice enough to introduce us before you take off at Rocky. Tony