Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Update in a Paragraph

I haven't written in while so here's a brief summary of the last month and a half in a paragraph. Rocky Raccoon was a tough one, with a 9:30ish split through 60 and feeling good. A badly sprained knee and some general discomfort led to a final finish at 20:14. Tough, but I still believe that my yearly goals are still in sight. My speed felt very comfortable and in good condition leading towards the San Diego 100 on June 6th. The Napa Marathon was a pretty smooth race through a steady and somewhat heavy rainfall. It was a bit slower than I was tracking at in training (3:02 vs. 2:56 based on training bases) but a solid, disciplined effort in less than ideal conditions. I am incorporating heavy doses of tempo and interval work into my training over the next 3 months, so that I continue to build my marathon capability to stay on target for my yearly goal in the marathon. Oh, and I got accepted to run Badwater again. So I'll be using the Diablo 50, Quicksilver 50 and the San Diego 100 as precursors to the race. What can I say.....I'm just praying that my training and my experience will take me over the top this year. Discipline, as always in this sport, is the key so that in the last 1/2 of these races I can let it ride. And one final thing, we're raising $18,000 to build 6 wells in Uganda to serve over 7,000 people. If you can help, go to


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