Friday, August 7, 2009

Running For The Wells

This website has been a little hard to manage, but I'm finally getting ready for a major upgrade. Until then, I've got a great race report from a fantastic race at Badwater this year. We'll get the picture slideshow up soon and all the videos up on YouTube. I hope you enjoy reading the report; it was almost as long as the training and race itself....hehe.

Also, we're still doing the fundraising for the wells in Uganda. We're trying to get to $18,000 to build 6 wells in Uganda for about 7,500 people affected. We'll be fundraising continuously this year, so feel free to donate anytime. We build a well everytime there's $3,000 in the bank to do it. Also, if you'd like to join us for our "Running For The Wells" run in Marin County on September 12th, go to the following link for information and registration instructions: Running For The Wells. Click on the "WHM and Donations" Tab on my website,, for information on the organization we work with, World Harvest Mission. If you want to donate, click on the "ChipIn" icon to the right. Affecting the lives of those who can never repay you is always a good thing.

God bless,

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