Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Badwater 2007- The journey closes

Latest Update

Hey everyone!
I'm back. It's been awhile and I've finally gotten around to doing a race report and updating the website and communicating with all of you! The race was awesome; filled with unexpected challenges and pitfalls, but we perservered and finished in 42 hours, 8 minutes. That was an hour and half better than last year. It was incredible finishing the first 1/3 of the race to Stovepipe Wells in 7 hours, battling 3 bouts of nausea in the middle, and finishing up Mt. Whitney Portal strong. If I can get this stomach issue solved, next year the sky's the limit. Thank you to all of your for your support and prayers! You're the best. I'm posting my race report tomorrow morning so you'll have something more than just this little blurb to read. We'll keep the website open for any additional donations indefinitely. Thanks again, keep movin', stay strong, and God bless.


Update: You can read the full race report at www.seegundyrun.com ! There is also a picture slideshow there!

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